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 Chapter Two

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Tracie Lazarus

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:52 am

As Tracie continued down the hallway, she heard silent but distinctive footsteps behind her. "Man, now my mind proceeds to taunt me eh?" Tracie took a deep long sigh of disconent. "Once I find Bobby, I'm gonna..." Tracie didn't get to finish, when Bobby piped in. "Your gonna what?" Bobby said in a lousy tone, sighing and placing a palm to his forhead in a dramatic matter.

Tracie faultered there for a second with a dumbfounded face plastered on her features. Bobby stood there bemused with his accomplishment. "Im gonna hug you!" Tracie yelled enthusiastically. "Right." Bobby drawn out from his disbelief. "What you don't believe your dearest sister?" Tracie feign hurt by his comment.

Bobby just rolled his eyes, "Yeah, hard to believe that you were not thinking of trying to harm me in anyway." Bobby dramatically claps his hands to his chest. Tracie looked away and pouted in defeat. "Well where have you been? I've been looking for you for two hours!" Tracie angerily lashed out at him. "It's none of your concern, it's not like I'm your boyfriend!" Bobby teased. "Speaking of boyfriends, he just called your phone an hour ago." Bobby gave a devilish smile, knowing he is just pushing all of her buttons today. "How many times do I have to tell ya that we nothing more then friends!" Tracie yelled back fiercely. Tracie stormed off to her room.

"Hey how much do ya bet she is going to call him." Bobby spoke to his dog with an amused smile. Zuzaki barked in agreement with his master.

"I'm not particularly afraid of dying, but I like to avoid pain"~Reino~Skip Beat!
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Chapter Two
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